"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination."

- Albert Einstein

Web Site Design

Web Design is a creative and technical art form. Not only does a site have to look good but it has to work as expected as well and to a greater extent it needs to perform. Cobbs Friedman builds sites that do just that by adding perfectly crafted creative design to a framework built on a variety of what we consider, standard web development practices.

Cobbs Friedman Web Development Practices

Search Engine Optimization

All Cobbs Friedman websites are search engine optimized to garner the greatest traffic impact with search engines. We utilize tried and true "white hat" techniques from the very beginning stages of development which include careful content selection, a proper site hiearchy, the utilization of advanced meta-tags and proper code placement.

Cross Browser Compatability

One of the main pitfalls of the world wide web is the fact that there are many different web browsers, with many different versions operating on a variety of operating systems. This causes many sites to behave differently on different browsers and computers. Fortunately, by following rigorous web standards and techniques we create our websites to work on over 95% of browsers and systems including what may come in the future.

User Interface

It is important to have a proper user interface for optimum end-user satisfaction. By taking into account target demographics, we build UI's that promote ease of use and high conversions.

Web Site Production Project Offerings

  • E-commerce
  • Facebook Applications
  • Online Banners
  • Viral Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Intranets
  • Social Integration
  • Flash Websites
  • Streaming Video
  • Lead Generation
  • Dynamic Websites